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Bio diesel: The Benefits
The use of vegetable oil as a fuel dates back to 1898, when the German inventor Rudolph Diesel developed a new type of internal combustion engine that used oil derived from peanuts. Vegetable oil would continue to be used in diesel engines in the early years following the turn of the century. One hundred years and twenty years later, vegetable oil is attracting a renewed interest, with the focus shifting from transportation to stationary power generation. According to the University of Minnesota, the U.S. produces roughly 2.7 billion pounds of yellow and brown grease a year, the byproducts of restaurant kitchens and various industrial processes. For proponents of alternative energy, this grease is a precious commodity; an available fuel source that can run a diesel engine to produce heat and electrical generation.

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About Us

Renu Green Energy, Inc. is a renewable energy company that is focused on the development and implementation of global based bio diesel projects that utilize used cooking oil otherwise, known as yellow grease.

Renu Green Energy stands firmly by the idea that all used cooking oil generated by restaurants, food trucks, food distributors and individuals should be captured and processed into bio diesel as part of the global “green” sustainability initiative. Our goal is to contribute to the elimination of fossil fuels to ensure the reduction of the global carbon footprint. This initiative will ultimately help to reduce the effects of climate change.

Renu Green Energy, is committed to making the planet more livable through responsible recycling. Over 90% of what comes into our facilities is transformed into useful products that help the environment.

Recycling used cooking oil contributes to lowering our energy bills and reducing a dependence on foreign oil. Existing bio diesel technology yields a gallon of fuel for each 7.6 lbs of fat that is recycled. Not bad for a raw material that started out in a restaurant kitchen!


  • 24 Hour Collection
  • Clean Prompt Service
  • RGE will provide all the necessary equipment to service your location
  • RGE will provide new bins

The RGE App allows the consumer to interact with our social and eCommerce platform. Strengthening the relationship between you, the customer, and us, the collector. As well as participating restaurants and the consumer. The app will serve as a window for a quick and direct method for scheduling the collection of your used cooking oil.

Reduces impact

Reduces the impact of disposing of used cooking oil and other organic waste materials into landfills.

Reduces waste

Reduces the amount of waste discharged into municipal water treatment facilities in local areas.

Helps taxpayers

Helps taxpayers avoid burden of dealing with overflowing landfills & water treatment facilities.

Reduces carbon footprint:

or each metric ton of CO2 produced by operating recycling or rendering plants, more than 7 metric tons of CO2 are removed from the environment.



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